Front Cover

Format: Paperback

Publisher: PRINTMEDIA Communications

Pub. Date: July 2006

ISBN: 0533115590

Outside the Badge
by Mitchell Grobeson

     Someone is killing all of the male street prostitutes in Hollywood, California. The LAPD has labeled the crimes 'NHI' - No Humans Involved. Officer Stephen Cainen risks more than his career when he single-handedly tries to solve the savage torture-killings. The LAPD management doesn't care if Cainen catches the killers, or the killers get Cainen. Either way they win. With no back-up from his department, Cainen is stalked by the vicious killers. Can Cainen stay alive long enough to stop the slaughter of L.A.'s youth? Based on an explosive true story, OUTSIDE THE BADGE gives a compelling insight into the workings of the LAPD and the management that rules it like a dynasty.

     Featured on 60 Minutes, Phil Donahue, and The Geraldo Rivera Show, author Mitchell Grobeson is the first openly gay officer in LAPD's history. Joining the force in 1981, Grobeson became one of its most highly decorated officers. Despite his saving a record number of lives, the LAPD waged a campaign of harassment against Grobeson, including several attempts to have him killed. Sgt. Grobeson is the first officer in the nation to sue a police department for sexual orientation discrimination, which resulted in the 1993 landmark settlement, ordering the LAPD to halt its discriminatory practices. Many of the incidents portrayed in Oustide the Badge are based on Sgt. Grobeson's actual experiences in the LAPD.

      What happens when a stark raving psychopath and a closeted gay cop are hurled towards each other like speeding trains on a same track? A "top-of-his-class" officer in the Los Angeles Police Department, Steve Cainen faces increasing harassment as his co-workers and superiors suspect he might be gay. Soon the whispers turn to threats, overt aggression, betrayal and conspiracy. Blackmailed by the homophobic bunch, Cainen is left no choice but to engage in undercover work that will ultimately push him in a pit of violence and pure horror. In the imminent crash between a serial killer and a man in search of his identity, one will lose his soul and the other will find it.

     Based on the author's real-life experiences in the LAPD, Outside The Badge is a tightly written page-turner. The style is clear and blunt, the pages seeded with shocking revelations, heart-breaking moments and a threatening sense of impending doom. The development is treated with the same precision and minutia one would expect in an investigation, including graphic descriptions of street life, rape and torture scenes.

     But let us not be fooled: Outside The Badge is above all the story of a man fighting for his principles, his dignity and the right to live. One might read this wonderful piece as the autobiography of a courageous heart, of a modern hero. We must not forget that the author, Sergeant Mitchell Grobeson, was the first openly gay officer in the LAPD, and the first officer to sue a police department for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

     Outside The Badge offers a vivid perspective on a seldom-known aspect of police life, a chilling exploration of discrimination, hate and evil, and a touching account of one man's courageous fight.
"Mitchell Grobeson was the first openly gay officer in the notoriously homophobic LAPD, and he drew on his experiences and a true story to write this chilling and fascinating page-turner about a serial killer."
- Lambda Literary Review

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