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August 20, 2012

Hello, Sergeant -
Hope you've been well. Last night I watched 'Hard' and saw the extras for the film, in which you spoke so well. I was surprised to see you on the DVD. I had read your novel some years back.

I can only imagine the many courageous struggles you've experienced. You are certainly to be admired for being the example that you are and have been.

On the DVD, you spoke of disposable or disenfranchised gay males. Naturally, I'd been completely unaware that so many young gay men went ignored by the police as NHIs. Of course that concerns me.
Best wishes to you in all you do!

David - Lincoln, Nebraska

I just wanted to say that your mission, your courage and your dedication to
good and right is an inspiration. You clearly have some serious "cojones" to
have fought and never backed down.
All the best brother.

Anonymous - Gary, Indiana (near Chicago)

As a fiction writer whose books often deal with gay cops in
today's society, you have always been an inspiration to me and my writing. I
haven't been through what you have, but I try to capture it in the pages of
my books and hope to entertain and educate about the cost of discrimination
at the same time. Kudos to you for having the courage to stand up for

P.A. Brown - Canada (formerly L.A.)

Dear Sergeant Mitch,

What A Great Read! Received your fabulous book in the mail today! What an exciting and gripping true-life depiction of the black and white, wrong versus right
lifestyle and predeliction of the street Hustler/sex trade and its consequences in regard to Law Enforcement. I cannot put the book down…What a terrific read! What a revelation and a super candid expose of the flip side of the coin….Reality is, indeed stranger than fiction! You are a truly altruistic hero for the Gay Community as well as "Straight Community".
When will you publish more of your enlightening writings? I
had to purchase a used copy of your wonderful book...seems there are no
longer any late reprints available...Was well worth the extra moolah spent!
You truly are an inspiration to us all!

Thank You, Sergeant Mitch... for all that you do do....and have done!!

A Great Fan of Yours!
M. Johnson

Mike E. Johnson - Santa Rosa, Ca/Astoria, Oregon

Dear Sgt. Mitch:
I was spellbound by your book. Much of it, I can relate to. Thank you for writing it. I've been on for 20 yrs and still have issues with other officers at work. I can truly relate.
I bought your book, "Outside the Badge" on my last visit to LA. It is an autographed copy (that's how I found your web site). I know you've heard this, but you are a hero to cops in the closet who realize we are not alone. I've had gay friends who get upset with me for not being the "poster boy" for gay cops in the bay area. All I want to do is my job without added stress from my personal lifestyle. I could go on & on and I'm sure you have heard & experienced it all before. Your book came about at an appropriate time in my life. Many thanks!!

Most sincerely,

California Highway Patrol Officer - California

LAPD DISCRIMINATION: Mitch, Your an inspiration for all of us!! Good things always! God
bless you!!!! Ken

ken - West Hollywood CA

Thanks for all you do sgt mitch you’re an inspiration to us all.

U.S.Federal Law Enforcement Officer - Maryland

Hi, my name is Joe M and I am an openly gay police officer in
Delaware. I just wanted to thank you for your web site. It is an inspiration
to all gay police officers everywhere. This web site shows the world that
our sexual orientation does not prevent us from serving our community and
protecting the public. Good luck and god bless, Joe.

Joe - Delaware

I'm feel bad for gay officers who cant come out,they serve and
protect,and take a bullet just like the straight officer would, man I aways
said when I meet a gay officer I give that officer such a hug of thanks.

Walter - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


Angel - Orange County, CA

Hi Mitch!
I know it has been many years and I appreciate all your hardwork thoughtout
the years. I don't know if you remember but right after your incident with
the LAPD, I called you to offer you, mine & my wife's support with your
efforts. I have never forgotten that conversation.
I have a daughter that is in college in Alabama where she is an athlete, and
studying criminal justice. We live in the San Francisco area and she has
always been involved in and interested equal right for minorities. I did
forward your website to her and she was very impressed when I told her that
we knew each other in high school. I told her about what I remembered about
your struggles.

Doug - Dublin, CA

I worked with (Sgt.) Mitch when he was with the San Francisco Police Department. He was one of the most professional, intelligent, knowledgeable,and effective officers that I have ever worked with. He served with distinction and provided a superior level of law enforcement services to all the communities of San Francisco. He was a true police professional, in an industry where there are many imposters.

Mike - San Rafael

Hey Mitch. Being a "computer-Professional" whenever I get an email from someone I know with what appears to be a personal domain I always check out the site. Over the years I have heard from others who have "come out" (male and female) and have always supported them. For you, having to do so in an allegedly macho PD must have been extremely difficult. GOOD FOR YOU! I'm certain you made it easier for others after you.

Brad - Snohomish, WA

Hi... my name is Charles, and I also work for LAPD, though just
as a PSR, I was very shocked to read what you went through as an officer
w/ LAPD. I am openly gay, and I guess I just figured it being LA, that
kind of discrimination did not exhist. Before I was came to LA, I was in
the Army, and had to lie and I hated it and I swore when I got out that I
would never do that again. What I liked most about your book was the
stories of being a good cop, and you made all the victums very human,
tangible, like only a cop with a heart could do. In a society where there
are not enough men to look up to, I want to thank you for stepping up to
the plate, your a role model in almost everything you do.

Charles - Los Angeles, CA

They always talk about brave men having the "Balls" to do what they do.
You've definitely got 'em! I have to admire you for all that you've done!
It's a long list! I wish I had half the courage as you do --- Just to be
Out and Proud! I look up to you and would take great pleasure in meeting
you some day. To me, your a hero!

Jesse - San Jose, CA

Hello Sergeant. Just a hello from a Dutch gay who is very charmed from American gays in uniform. And Man, you look good. Hope that is become better to live as gaycop in the USA. Greetings.

Willem - The Netherlands

Hi, just wanted to say that i admire you for standing for what you believe in. It's so important for society to understand that sexual preferance has nothing to do with a person's heart and their ability to show compassion for their fellow man! Bravo to you and good luck to your future in the police force.

John - New York

Many times OUR COMMUNITY fails to thank it's own. I am a Navy Gay Vet. So here goes... a much applauded THANK YOU!

Whats more fantastic is the way you continually stay involved with community, (Gay, & Straight). Sgt. Mitch you are a role model for us ALL.

Courage in character is always a great thing. I wish you a long happy life out there in California, or wherever! Just like in baseball... YOU STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE! Hopefully you'll more praise from the GLBT community. You were the first in LA, and should be 1st in everyway. Your middle name should truly be Equality.

Thank you from Florida, brother in community.

Ronald - Ormond By The Sea, FL

I live in Portland, Oregon. Just wanted to thank all of you for doing
such a great job. I can't imagine doing what you're doing. Every day is a challenge I'm sure.

I went with a policeman for five years. He led a very tough life. In fact he ended going on disability due to job stress. This is a fact
among a lot of officers but it put a wedge between us that made the chasm

I ended it almost a year ago but we are still friends. He wouldn't talk and kept avoiding the core of what he was dealing with. I was wondering why it is so hard for policemen/women to talk about what they go through and to let someone just care about them. Even when
we were getting closer to splitting he wouldn't open up. Maybe someone can explain it to me? We are both pretty masculine and independent but I am able to talk about a lot of things and he wasn't. What it left me feeling was that he didn't care enough to let me in. The closeness or lack of it was the ending of our relationship.

Even more confusing was he was a very honest person who was also very trustworthy. Hmmmmm? Still trying to figure some of that out.

On another note, I have to say Mitch is quite appealing in and out of
his uniforms. Ever make it up to the Portland, Oregon area? :)

Anonymous - Portland, OR

Sgt. Mitch, I just ran across your website and had to drop you a note. You are an inspiration to gays and everyone. People like you don't come along everyday, I live in a small town of 75 people; hard to believe so you can imagine what it is like. Keep up the great work and most of all. STAY SAFE.

Anonymous - South Dakota

I wish I had those guts long ago! My hat is off to you and thank you. I was in the closet all the way through the USAF but I never missed a "trick" because apparently there are many of them there. But I never had the guts to be as open as you are. I applaude you. Thanks

George - Blythe, CA

I am so glad that I happened upon your site. It is so refreshing to hear about someone like you who is filled with integrity, honor, courage, and respect for yourself and others.

Paul - Arkansas

You are GREAT. God bless you!

Anonymous - Yugoslavia

Hi Sarg Mitch,
I have just read you letters and I must say I wish more English policemen would come out. I would be glad to shake your hand. I send you all my very best and thank you.

Tony - England

I am so glad I found your site. I read and am re-reading every page and sending for you book. I have a dear friend who is a police officer in Wisconsin where I am from originally who is also gay. It would end his career if they knew, I am going to send him the address to your site in hopes it will give him more inner strength. I almost said courage, but I already know that in our society any one of you who puts on the uniform daily and goes out into the streets already have more courage than God gives most of us. Thank you for sharing you story with the world, with people like yourself perhaps soon, the world will realize that the gay population is part of the human species and not the downfall of it!

Art - Kent, WA

I was proud to go on to your site and read some of the stuff you put up with, how long you were a cop, and what made you decide to become a cop and comeout also.

Anonymous - Utah

I just read your website, and was truly touched for what you have done for so many people out there. The journey of a lifetime begins with one step forward, and thank you for making that first step.

It is people like yourself, that one day people will be accepted no matter
what their differences may be. Thank you so much from the bottom of my

"Hoozho Nanina" - Navajo language for "May you walk in peace and beauty"

A Native Spirit - New Mexico

It is such a pleasure to find a site where dignity and self-respect are real.

I know this website and the life it reports on are important - not just for me but for everyone who's lucky enough to find it. Thank you for being what I never dared try to be.

Anonymous - UK

Hello Sgt. Mitch,

Just a note to say how impressed I am after learning of you, Sgt. Mitch, and visiting your site. You're definitely one of the pioneers who made things a little bit easier for all of us. Thanks is hardly sufficient for the path you helped paved.

If we ever get the chance to meet, it will indeed be a privilege and honor.

Be Safe & God Bless...

Paul - Texas

You have a great site! Greetings from México!!!

David - Monterrey, México

I am a 52 year old lawyer living in Malta. It's a small country, not homophobic, but hypocrital and bigotted. I have read quite a lot about the homophobia of the L.A.P.D. (e.g. John Rechy's books) and your courage in coming out there is to be envied and admired because you have overcome the fear of being hurt and therefore nobody can hurt you any more. My main excuses are that I am afraid it will be used to hurt my family and my business. I wish I had your courage and, perhaps, an even stronger will to be happy.
Good luck

Anonymous - Malta

Hi Sergeant Mitch,

Just thought I'd let you know that I think it's wonderful what you've been doing these past years.

I just read the articles on your site and I found all the harassment/discrimination stories quite shocking.

Even for a gay person myself who knows what it is to be discriminated against (don't worry it rarely happens!) but nothing like you've experienced!

If they treat their gay colleagues this way how would they treat other gay people who might be in need of their assistance?

Over here we've had active police campaigns to recruit more gay officers in the police force, and on our last Gay Pride Day all city police officers wore rainbow bands! Might be a good suggestion for the LAPD

Oh, questions: it´s been almost 15 years since your first lawsuit. Noticed any change in the police mentality? And are there a lot more openly gay cops nowadays?

That's about it!
Keep up the great work!
(I'm a fan already!)

Stefan - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I just wanted to say that I ran across your website, and I think it's pretty cool to see a openly gay police on any force. Keep up the good

Darrell - Anderson, Indiana

A Word of Thanks

Thank you for being open about your preference. I am a gay man
and it is very refreshing to find a Man in blue who will admit he is gay.
I am 62 yrs old and I too am gay and I am not ashame of it. You have my
backing and May God Bless you

Walter - Raleigh, Mississippi

Dear Mitch,

We often think about police officers in terms of what we need from them;
we rarely think about giving them back a little of what they give us. So I
just want to thank you for everything that you have done for so many. I
can't think of a greater man than one who puts his life on the line in
order to protect his fellow beings. I cannot begin to understand the
trials you have gone through so that schmoes like me can live safe and
free. You have put your life on the line in body, in heart and in soul.
You represent everything I wish the world could truly be! You are my hero
(and a damn good writer)!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! One cosmic loving hug for you!

Emmanuel - California

It is always good to know that Sgt Mitch is a proud openly gay policeman. He is positively encouraging other gays and lesbians to follow his example. Let's give him all of our support

Antonio - Fayetteville, NC