July 2018

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May 2018

The Gun-Law Loophole That Entices Tycoons and Criminals to Play Cop

An accused drug smuggler, Elon Musk bodyguards, hedge fund magnate Robert Mercer and hundreds of others got privileges meant for the police.


June 2018

Handcuffed and Locked Up: My Encounter with the West Hollywood Sheriff�s Station

I spent more than three and a half hours today handcuffed in the back of a sheriff�s deputy�s car and locked up in a holding cell at the West Hollywood Sheriff�s Station.




"Mitchell Grobeson was the first openly gay officer in the notoriously homophobic LAPD, and he drew on his experiences and a true story to write this chilling and fascinating page-turner about a serial killer." - Lambda Book Report

The Lambda Book Report is the LGBT community's most trusted source for reviewing LGBT literature and writers since 1987, establishing the highly respected Lambda Literary Awards in 1989, honoring excellence in LGBT books to promote visibility by recognizing those LGBT book authors deserving distinction for their brilliant works.

The first edition of Sgt. Mitch's book "OUTSIDE THE BADGE" is still available through If you would prefer to have a signed copy for yourself or as a gift, you can purchase signed second editions via this website. Just click on the "Contact" icon on the website home page and and send your request for what you want written on the first page, which goes directly to Sgt. Mitch.


People throughout the world are being harassed, discriminated against, incarcerated and put to death simply because of whom they love. Within the United States, most law enforcement agencies will not knowingly hire a gay man.

During his career as a police officer in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Sgt. Mitchell Grobeson (Sgt. Mitch) faced the worst kind of homophobia, and had his life threatened and endangered by his fellow officers who refused to ride with him and would not respond to his calls for �OFFICER NEEDS HELP!�

It was in the martial arts that Sgt. Mitch developed the indomitable spirit and compassion that enabled him to take a stand against injustice and become the LAPD's first openly gay officer in 1987, and the first law enforcement officer in the country to sue a police agency for discrimination based upon sexual orientation, when the LAPD forced Sgt. Mitch out solely due to Sgt. Mitch being gay.

After appearing on TV shows such as �Geraldo,� �Phil Donahue,� and �60 Minutes,� law enforcement professionals from the LAPD and Los Angeles County Sheriff�s Department, and other law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and the world, have contacted Sgt. Mitch, and he has helped them out, saving many from suicide, traveling throughout California, as well as Nevada, Arizona, and to Dallas, Texas, to support Mica England, the lesbian recruited by the Dallas Police Department, who was immediately disqualified when the DPD Background Investigators found out she was a lesbian, as well as an officer in Houston who was fired for being gay, and another in Miami, who was being harassed because his boyfriend had AIDS.

Since Sgt. Grobeson�s historic victory over the LAPD, people interested in careers in law enforcement have contacted Sgt. Mitch, inspired by Sgt. Mitch's example, and many of these individuals took the brave step of �coming out� about their sexual orientation.

Read some of their letters.

The creator of this website and its Webmaster hope that Sgt. Mitch�s story and his fight for justice for ALL people help inform and encourage its readers, gay or straight, so that they may serve as role models for future generations of LGBTQ youth, and to inspire those that see this website to feel empowered and loving of themselves and their sexual orientation, and to inspire you to be honest with yourself, live with integrity, abide your heart, and reach your maximum potential by being the best person you can be.

In the words of the Dalai Lama:

"It is necessary to help others, not only in our prayers, but in our daily lives. If we cannot help others, the least we can do is to desist from harming them.

Sgt. Mitch's goal is to decrease suffering, to help others, and to provide a role model for gay youth and those working within the Armed Forces, criminal justice, corrections, and ALL emergency response systems.

To learn more about Sgt. Mitch, click on this link.

Sgt. Mitch appreciates and looks forward to your private and public e-mails and ensures you the greatest confidentiality. If there is any way he can be of assistance to you, please leave Sgt Mitch a message here


July 2017


Sgt. Mitch presents special recognition trophy to the LAPD's #1 Police Explorer Advisor.

Winning the most awards of any Divisions, keeping youth out of gangs and off drugs, despite the protest of ALL the parents, police management removed the combat veteran when they found out he was married to another man.

July 2017


In May, Sgt. Mitch attended the �closed, invitation only� retirement of the LAPD Deputy Chief who oversaw protection from terrorist attacks, focusing on Southern California.

Sgt. Mitch was working undercover in LAPD�s �LAPD�s �Anti-Terrorism� Division to make the City safe for the Olympics, and was honored to be invited into the fight against terrorism, working with the U.S. Department of Defense to secure the athletes safety at the USC-Exposition Park site.

Among the many dignitaries, the Deputy Chief was honored for his work with all communities, from Muslim to Jew, and successfully prevented many serious terrorist attacks and took down terrorist cells throughout the world.

January 2017

Orphanage fundraiser in Hollywood

Sgt. Mitch was asked to provide security for Rob Reiner and his family for a fundraiser to stop the closure in Hollywood for runaway youth. The programs made a large amount of money to keep the orphanage in Hollywood.

January 2017 - Happy New Year!


Sgt. Mitch celebrated New Year's Eve at the Buddhist Temple where he made the lifelong commitment of not harming others, having trained in meditation and control of one's actions, speech, and thought 21 years ago.

Sgt. Mitch joined his meditation and Buddhist Dharma teacher since January 1996 - when Sgt. Mitch took his Buddhist precepts of compassion and not harming others (skilled thought, speech, and action) - Rev. Kusala Bhikshu, at the International Buddhist Meditation Center, meditating from 9:30 pm - midnight, then going into the back yard and ringing the Temple bell - created in Vietnam, where Buddhists threw personal jewelry into the hot steel, giving the 1,000 pound bell it's unique gong - when it was struck by each person, ringing it 108 times, which is an important number in the Therevada tradition.

Sgt. Mitch and the others meditating in the New Year received blessings from the three Sri Lankan monks in attendance, where they tied a string around the wrist during chanting prayer, and gave each attendee a handmade Buddha statue, so that 2017 will be a peaceful and skillful year.

January 2017

"Big Brothers" and "Big Sisters" Program

Sgt. Mitch provides free training in rape and gay bashing prevention throughout California.

He also works with the "Big Brothers" and "Big Sisters" Program for those community members who commit to establishing an ongoing relationship with children in need of positive role models.

The seminar Sgt. Mitch taught was designed to be fun while raising self confidence and esteem by complimenting the youth on their individual progress and rapport with the guidance they receive from their "Big Brother/Sister."

This vital program does outreach for inner city children and single parent families, especially for "at risk" youth. Mitch taught both the adults and children the first self defense "kata" (set movements) in the art of Karate. The goal is using physical action to help a beginner focus on control of their emotions.


December 2016

Sgt. Mitch receives the "Above and Beyond" Award!

Sgt. Mitch receives the "Above and Beyond" Volunteer Award from Aid for AIDS for his work bringing in security details to work at AFA fundraisers so that the money saved can go directly into client services.

November 2016

Sgt. Mitch presents LAPD Special Recognition Plaque

Sgt. Mitch presents LAPD Officer Chris Shaw with an LAPD "Special Recognition" Plaque at his 50th Birthday and Retirement Dinner (pictured with Shaw's mother), recognizing his work with at-risk youth as the YSA Police Explorer Advisor, saving lives by creating self-esteem in his Explorers as individuals and future LAPD Officers versus the Latino gangs and drugs that permeate the Venice area of Los Angeles.

Officer Shaw raised his Explorer Post to be #1 in the LAPD and used his personal funds to help his Post members in such endeavors as college tuition and airfare to Washington, D.C. to serve a?s an intern for Senator Diane Feinstein. Shaw is a combat veteran, serving two deployments in Iraq, with both the Air Force and Army. Sgt. Mitch served as a Peer Counselor for Shaw, who the LAPD management removed from his award-winning West Coast Explorer Post when they found out Shaw was gay.

October 2016


Sgt. Mitch receives "THE RAINBOW KEY AWARD" from THE CITY OF WEST HOLLYWOOD and THE LESBIAN AND GAY ADVISORY BOARD recognizing his over 30 years of providing FULL Security and Bodyguarding/VIP Dignitary and Executive Protection Details for non-profit health, business, social, professional, educational and international, national, state, city, and community organization fundraisers - all at HIS OWN EXPENSE so that the monies raised could go directly for client services - for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender groups that provide life-saving funding and outreach that includes services for Black American, Latino, Iranian, Armenian, Asian & Pacific Islander, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Film -Stage - Screen, LGBT Youth & Teens, and for those living with HIV & AIDS.

September 2016

A Tribute to Robert Koga

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell joins Sgt. Mitch for "A Tribute to Robert Koga," honoring his 40 years of training arrest, riot, handcuffing, and baton tactical training of 35,000 Royal Canadian Mounted Police to thousands of police officers in Mexico who had graduated from the Vera Cruz Police Academy, in addition to creating the first ever "less-than-lethal" curriculum for the Los Angeles Police Department's academy.

�Thank you�
(LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell)

To honor his police martial arts teacher, Sgt. Mitch had a Shadow Box made with an enlarged replica of Koga's Los Angeles Police Department Detective Badge with a plaque that read: "In Recognition of Your Development and Teaching of KOGA JUTSU, Setting the Standard Throughout the World in Law Enforcement Tactics, Impacting and Saving Countless Lives Through Your Lifetime Dedication to the Profession of Law Enforcement," which Sgt. Mitch arranged to be presented to Detective Koga by L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell.

�Mostly, I'm appreciative of you, your friendship, support and all the work you went through�
(Sensei Robert K. Koga)

Read The Full Article...

August 2016

Bruce Lee's Fellow Student of Yip Man visits U.S. To spread his WingTsun Kung Fu

Kung Fu Grandmaster LEUNG TING, the Founder of WingTsun, who trained under Bruce Lee�s teacher Yip Man.

In a rare sign of respect, the Grandmaster stands beside Sgt. Mitch with his hand on Sgt. Mitch�s shoulder, in appreciation for Sgt. Mitch�s participation in an International Conference to help spread the art in the United States

June 24, 2016


As the United States Martial Artist's Assistant Director for California, Sgt. Mitch promoted Eric Friske from 7th Dan Master to 9th Dan "Grandmaster" of MUSHIN-Bong Soo Han Hapkido, making him the highest ranked Hapkido Master in the world in the art created by Bong Soo Han in 1961. Master Han was the first martial arts Master to ever appear in an American "Hollywood" movie.

At a special "Black Belt Dinner" at Los Angeles's top Persian Restaurant, Sgt. Mitch honored Grandmaster Friske and his youngest black belt promotee, an 18 year old high school student graduating to go on to U.C. Davis. The dinner recognized the contribution of the Iranian-American community, mostly Jewish Iranians who fled persecution, for keeping the school going for 50 years.

August 15, 2015

At the Sheraton Hotel at Universal Studios

Sgt. Mitch help coordinate security for over 40 actors and actresses for American TV's longest running daytime drama, which has won over 200 Emmy Awards, "The Young and the Restless," including Jerry Douglas, Kate Linder, Lauralee Bell, Christian Le Blanc, Daniel Goddard, Stacy Haiduk, Joshua Morrow, newcomers Hunter King and Max Ehrich, as well as martial artists and boxers "Stitch" Sean Carrigan, Robert Adamson, Chris McKenna, brown belt karateka Doug Davidson and Sgt. Mitch's friend, Tom Bierdz, from 1986 - 1989.



Sgt. Mitch trains SWAT officers, including Navy SEALS, in law enforcement Defensive Tactics, Arrest & Control techniques, including the Koga Method (Aiki-Jujutsu) shown from the "felony prone" position in the photo, as well as in the mandatory FBI "Speed Cuffing."


John Travolta and Sgt. Mitch

working out at the gym from 2000-2014.


Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of

MUSHIN/Bong Soo Han Hapkido in Santa Monica, under Master Eric Friske in the school opened by Sgt. Mitch

January 2014


Sgt. Mitch training in DUI and partnering with California police departments.

April 2014

Provides security

Sgt. Mitch provides security for the Mayor of Beverly Hills and Larry King for the City's 100th Anniversary.

May 2, 2014

First Annual "VOICE" Awards

Sgt. Mitch bodyguarded His Royal Highness Manvendra Singh Gohil, Prince of Rajpipla, India, for the first annual "VOICE" Awards, raising funds for both the Gay Men�s Chorus of Los Angeles (GMCLA) and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), pictured with AHF president Michael Weinstein.

The Prince was honored as a recipient of one of the first "VOICE" awards, after coming out on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2007 as the world's only openly gay prince.

Prince Gohil is the founder of the LAKSHYA TRUST, the first community-based organization for HIV/AIDS prevention in India, which provides free counseling services, condom promotion, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, Anti-Retroviral Therapy resources for HIV positive persons, and a hospice/old age home for gay men from the rural locations of Gujarat State in India.

AHF is the world�s largest nonprofit HIV/AIDS organization and Sgt. Mitch provides free security for all AHF fundraisers, so that money raised can go directly for client services. On May 2, Sgt. Mitch provided free security for the event to raise funds for AHF and the GMCLA.

Picture of Sgt. Mitch with Michael Weinstein and HRH Indian Prince Gohil.

June 2014

Training With....

Sgt. Mitch trains with Royler Gracie, grandson of BJJ Founder - Sgt. Mitch trained in law enforcement arrest & control tactics with the grandson of the legendary Brazilian Jujitsu founder Royler Gracie, a UFC MMA champion from Brazil and Japan.

August 17, 2013


Sgt. Mitch has provided security for AIDS Healthcare Foundation's IMPULSE Group since its founding in 2011.

On August 17, 2013, Sgt. Mitch provided security for the 400+ guests for "SOAKED: A Pool Party with a Purpose," whose goal is to encourage safer-sex practices and take personal responsibility to avoid HIV infection by promoting healthier lifestyles for young men 18 - 30 years of age.

Picture Taken of Sgt. Mitch with AHF Pool Party guests.

Sept 2014 / June 2, 2015

Sgt. Mitch ran security

for the 20th Anniversary of Latino AIDS services, "Las Memorias," guarding TV New anchor Laura Diaz, and world famous Johnny Polanco, born to Dominican and Puerto Rican parents in New York, but who came to fame in L.A.�s "El Floridita" club, helping to create the Latin music that became known as "salsa music." - Sept 2014

The loss of L.A.'s salsa great, Johnny Polanco, who passed away on June 2, 2015, and Southern California newscaster and Latina activist Laura Diaz.

Oct. 14, 2013

40 years of service

On Oct. 14, 2013, Sgt. Mitch presented the Culver City Assistant Chief of Police with a Plaque acknowledging his 40 years of service to the people and businesses of Culver City, California (where most movies are filmed.) Sgt. Mitch and Asst. Chief Bixby were founding members of the Culver City Police Explorer Program, Post #14, in 1973.

December 2013

Partnering with...

Sgt. Mitch partnering with California police departments.


Sgt. Mitch assists

The agency Law Enforcement "Task Force" throughout the U.S.

May 6, 2012

Sgt. Mitch Honors Rabbi Bennett

As the Founder and President of Southern California�s first LGBT Law Enforcement organization for police, sheriffs, corrections, parole, probation, paramedics and district attorneys, the West Coast Chapter of the Gay Officer�s Action League (GOAL), and his work in helping establish California�s first Jewish law enforcement group, the SHOMRIM SOCIETY, Sgt. Mitch traveled to Alameda California on May 6, 2012 to honor Rabbi Allen Bennett�s retirement from his Temple, presenting two plaques in recognition of Bennett�s historic 1978 "coming out" as the country�s first openly gay Rabbi.

Bennett was also recognized by Sgt. Mitch for his 37 years of activism in interfaith and civil rights issues, as well as serving as the Chaplain and advisor for the police chiefs and officers from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Alameda.



Sgt. Mitch's Detail guarding Selena Gomez.


Sgt. Mitch guarding

David Burtka, Mary McCormack, Busy Philipps and Neil Patrick Harris in 2012 for the 100th Anniversary fundraiser for Hollywood's most famous orphanage, HOLYGROVE, which helped 25,000 children, including Norma Jeane Mortenson in 1935, who later changed her name in 1946 to Marilyn Monroe.



Sgt. Mitch guarding Puerto Rican activist LIZ TORRES

December 2012

Sgt. Mitch gets the draw on "Wyatt Earp"

star Hugh O'Brien, who also was in Buce Lee's "Game of Death" and the last gunfighter to face John Wayne in Sgt. Mitch's favorite Western, "The Shootist."

April 10, 2011

Sgt. Mitch guarding Johnny Depp

at the Hollywood Magic Castle for Jack Depp's 9th birthday.

August 2011

"Golden Boy"

Sgt. Mitch with "Golden Boy" boxer Oscar DeLaHoya.



Sgt. Mitch guarding Stefanie Powers.


Sgt. Mitch joining THE DARK NIGHT

actor Eric Roberts discussing LGBT diversity at local high schools.

June 7, 2009

Dick Van Dyke

Sgt. Mitch guarded host Dick Van Dyke and award recipient Chita Rivera in raising funds to provide life saving medical services.

August 8, 2009

"Lifetime Achievement Award"

Sgt. Mitch presented Sensei Robert Koga with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" LAPD Badge Shadow Box. Retired LAPD Detective Koga developed the first arrest and control tactics for the LAPD Academy, and currently teaches Koga Jutsu throughout the world.



In 2008, Sgt. Mitch guards Carol Channing and Anne Jeffreys.



Sgt. Mitch guarding Florence Henderson and Brittany Murphy for the 2008 Actors Fund Tony Awards fundraiser. Most people do not know that very few stage, TV, and movie actors/actresses are able to afford medical insurance, and many are in dire need, especially those with terminal illnesses.

Sgt. Mitch is the only LAPD officer who provides free security & Personal Protection for those actors who donate their time to help raise desparately needed funding for life saving treatments.

The Actors Fund organizes fundraising events with those in the industry, providing life saving funding to those who otherwise couldn't afford the medical treatment.

Dec. 1, 2008

"Noche De Las Memorias"

Every year, Sgt. Mitch provides security for "Noche De Las Memorias," for World Aids Day. On Dec. 1, 2008, Sgt. Mitch guarded Laura Diaz, CBS (Ch. 2) news anchor.

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